Teddybear Puppies

The Teddybear is often a 50/50 hybrid of the Brichon Frise and also the Shih Tzu. Depending on breeding, it is possible for Teddybears to teddybear puppies for sale have pretty much of one breed compared to the other but still often be a Teddybear.

About Teddybear Temperament, Behavior and Personality
The Teddybear is really a friendly and affectionate little dog that likes to be around family. These dogs are likely to be good with kids. Shichon dogs are lively and so they love to play which makes them a fantastic choice for active families or families with teens. These dogs form strong bonds using members of the family and they tend to go along well to dogs and household pets. They will also serve as a good watchdog and generally are sure to bark when someone are at the door. The teddybear puppies usually are not regarded as being big barkers however.

Teddybear Colors
This breed has long flowing, soft fur that’s either silky or curly to touch. The coats appear in a range of beautiful colors including black, white, tan, cream, and gray.

Teddybear Average Size
The Teddybear breed usually matures to 9 to 12 inches and weigh between 8 to 25 pounds when fully grown.

Teddybear Litter Size
The average litter size for Teddybear puppies is generally 4-5 dogs.

Teddybear Life Span
The teddybear features a long life expectancy, often 15 to 18 years.

The Ultimate Guide To The Zuchon (AKA Bichon Frise & Shih Tzu Mix) and Teddybear Puppies

Take note that barking can become a problem when you have more than one dog. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to read Volumes 1 and 2, I encourage you to take a look. A Shichon shouldn’t need to be bathed too often; once or twice a month is usually a good bet, unless you have an individual who really enjoys getting dirty. Additionally, they are both great family dogs who bond with humans. Bichon Frise are most commonly white, but you will sometimes see accents of apricot, buff, and cream, which are all accepted colors. The Zuchon, also known as a Shichon, Tzu Frise, or Teddy Bear, is a cross between a Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu. The Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu breeds were revered by Tibetan monks and honored and presented as gifts by Chinese emperors. The American Shih Tzu Club doesn’t require any particular tests, but they do recommend that breeders talk to potential buyers about conditions that can affect Shih Tzu, such as renal dysplasia, hip and eye problems, and allergies. The FUZZY WUZZY’S has a little longer nose than a Shih Tzu, which helps with the breathing issues.

They are an alert and spunky little dog. It’s excessive barking makes it a pretty good little watchdog too. Many say that this breed make very good therapy dogs. Shichons need, more or less, constant companionship, so they are not a good idea if you expect your pet to fend for itself for extended periods of time. The loving nature of this breed makes them a perfect pet for everyone. What in your opinion are the best things about the Zuchon/Shichon breed? What type of owners buy a Zuchon/Shichon? Where can I buy Zuchon/Shichon rescue dogs or find a Zuchon/Shichon for adoption? Is it better to buy one Zuchon/Shichon or two? In terms of life expectancy, how long on average would the Zuchon/Shichon breed live to? These “lion” dogs were also mentioned during the Ming Dynasty in 1368 to 1644. In 1861, the breed became acclaimed thanks to Empress T’zu Hsi’s love for these dogs. Although many resemble one parent and some make a fine mix of the two, some Mixed Breed dogs are widely removed from either parent in appearance! This two dogs mix their genes to bring out the pups. However, I only recommend this to the bravest souls out there because it is both time-consuming and incredibly frustrating.

What started out as a blog dedicated to Spock, my German Shepherd, evolved in time to a website that is dedicated to all kinds of dog breeds. What are the key differences when compared to other breeds? They are cute. But to be honest, ultra small dogs are best avoided. Teddy bear dogs don’t bark a lot. Like the other teddy bear dogs we’ve looked at, the Shih-poo is an intelligent, easily trained dog, that doesn’t particularly like being alone and needs quite a lot of care. Most of the dogs have these characteristics in the category of teddy bear dogs. Remember, all dogs require exercise everyday. The Shichon does not require formal daily exercise. In fact, we are currently looking for a Shichon puppy as a companion to our two year old furbaby! Because there are so many Mixed Breed dogs, it may be advisable to spay or neuter your animal after acquiring it if you do not plan to breed it.

The most distinctive characteristic of this breed is its teddy bear features, especially as a puppy. Furthermore, teddy bears are renowned runners. Teddy Bear puppy dogs are all shades and colour combinations are possible ie uncommon chocolate, white chocolate patches, black, black & white patches white, reds, brown, cream, apricot, and brown. Each breeder listing has all available contact information listed, as well as a link to their own Teddy Bear website. Remember to brush its tail as well. Some breeds, like the Yorkshire Terrier can get long hair that covers their eyes, you will need to tie it back or cut it off every now and again. If you do not look after your dog properly by giving them sufficient time outside the house they will become agitated and hard to look after. If your new dog has any bad habits these can and more than likely will be passed onto your other dog. This longer coat may lead to more time for maintenance and grooming. You should also spend time with both parent breeds and the puppies, observing their health, activity levels, and behavior.

Teddy Bear Breed Information

The hybrid Teddy Bear has a endurance of 12 to 16 years.

The Teddy Bear will be the consequence of few different designer breeds. The Teddy Bear is usually a mix of the Shih Tzu and the Poodle (Shih Poo), the Bichon Frise and the Toy Poodle (Poochon) or even the Bichon Frise and also the Shiz Tzu (Zuchon). In some cases, the Teddy Bear is usually a combination of seventy one breeds. Designer breeds much like the Teddy Bear are already bred both because of their looks and their allergy-friendly coats.

The size the Teddy Bear varies but generally the dog is small, weighing 12 to 14 pounds and measuring only 12 inches.

Grooming Needs
The Teddy Bear is really a low shedding breed having a soft and fluffy coat that resembles a stuffed animal. The Teddy Bear’s coat could be kept long or clipped in to a short “puppy cut.” The Teddy Bear needs frequent grooming to avoid their coat from becoming matted and tangled. They need daily brushing as well as a regular bath.

Like all dogs, the Teddy Bear also needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails frequently.

The Teddy Bear is people-oriented, well-mannered and friendly.

The temperament in the Teddy Bear is dependent on the breeding, but typically these are affectionate and playful. The Teddy Bear makes a great dog. They wish to cuddle and want to play.

The Teddy Bear is outgoing and social. They get along with everyone including children, other pets as well as other dogs. Teddy Bears grow quite attached with their loved ones and even be with them as much as possible. If left alone for too long, they’re able to develop separation anxiety.

Training Needs
The Shih Tzu, Poodle and Bichon Frise are intelligent breeds and naturally, so is the Teddy Bear. The Teddy Bear is wanting to please and learn. The Teddy Bear is usually simple to train; they do perfectly at obtaining commands and tricks. However, like many smaller dogs, the Teddy Bear could be difficult to housebreak. Lots of praise and treats and a consistent routine may help them along.

Activity Level
The Teddy Bear is not a highly active dog. For their health the Teddy Bear requires a daily walk and a few time either inside or outside to play.

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